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The Consolidated Balance Sheet

Reliance Jio has transferred control of its fibre and mobile tower units to two infrastructure investment trusts set up by Reliance Industrial Investments and Holdings Ltd (RIIHL).The optical fibre cable infrastructure unit, Jio Digital Fibre Private Ltd (JDFPL) has allocated shares worth Rs 500 crore to Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd (RJIL) on March 31, 2019, according to a regulatory filing. Also, mobile tower unit Reliance Jio Infratel Private Ltd(RJIPL) has allocated shares worth Rs 200 crore to RJIL, it said.On the same day, Digital plugs Fibre Infrastructure Trust acquired control of JDFPL by purchasing 51 per cent of the equity share capital of JDFPL for Rs 262.65 crore.Besides, Tower Infrastructure Trust acquired control of RJIPL by purchasing 51 per cent of shares of RJIPL for Rs 109.65 crore, the filing said."This will result in significant deleveraging of the consolidated balance sheet of the company as at March 31 2019," it said.Both trusts have been set up by RIIHL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RIL as sponsor, and have been granted certificate of registration as Infrastructure Investment Trust by market watchdog Sebi.

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Work On Any Surface

The old way is to email it or save on a USB stick to make a power strips physical transfer. A scroll button lets you switch from slow speed click to a fast zip up and down the screen. Goodbye mouse pad! And no more hassle of inserting and changing AAA cells. The mouse has sturdy wheels which work on any surface, even glass. Imagine you want to move a file, a folder or just a photo from desktop to laptop. But you can also use Bluetooth to sync with up to three devices and control all of them simultaneously.Remember when a mouse was just about point-and-click? Today this basic PC pointing tool has become faster, sleeker, more versatile. With the MX Master 2S, you just copy from PC screen and paste on laptop screen with 2 mouse clicks -- in 2 seconds!Also usefully, an extra button on the side lets you switch from up-down scrolling to left-right. The mouse has an inbuilt rechargeable battery (cable provided) and a full charge can last a couple of months. The ability to use one mouse across 2-3 platforms may for many users, justify the asking price of Rs 7,995.—IndiaTechOnline. Wireless technology lets you throw away the umbilical cord.You can link the mouse to your PC or laptop using the small wireless receiver which is no big deal. But the new wireless mouse from Logitech -- the MX Master 2S-- has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

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The Battery Case Separately Or Simultaneously

There had been rumours suggesting Apple had battery cases in the works for their iPhone XS/ XS Max and iPhone XR handsets. In a statement released by the brand, the new smart battery cases are now available for purchase which extends the handset’s battery to as much as 39 hours more worth of talk time (on the iPhone XR).Engineered for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, the Smart Battery Case provide even longer battery life while offering great protection — great for power users or situations where the extra battery is needed, like when travelling. The new Smart Battery Case is compatible with Qi-certified chargers, enabling users to wirelessly charge iPhone and the battery case separately or simultaneously, and can also charge via Lightning cable or fast charge with USB-PD compatible chargers.Integrated with iOS, the Smart Battery Case intelligently charges iPhone, while the battery charge status is displayed on the iPhone lock screen and in the Notification Centre. These cases feature a soft microfiber lining and silicone exterior that protects iPhone from scratches or drops. extension cords A soft elastomer hinge design makes it easy to put the case on and take it off. The new sleek back design blends smoothly at the bottom to fit comfortably in the hand.The Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are available beginning today for USD 129 each (about Rs 9,100). All cases come in black and white and are available for purchase through select Apple Authorised Resellers.

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An Optimal Weight Distribution For Rapid Movements

The product is already available with leading retail stores and ecommerce portals in India.Astrum, a well-known brand in consumer technology has expanded into the gaming category with the introduction of the MG300 gaming mouse.The MG300 gaming mouse features seven mouse buttons including back/forward that give crisp, tactile feedback on every click. It is also lightweight at just 125g and has an optimal weight distribution for rapid movements. It includes a flexible braided cable and large mouse skates for effective smooth glide. It also comes with software to customise the keys.

MG300 also provides variable DPI presets from 1000 - 3200 DPI, all America extension cords available at the touch of a button.(Source).Featuring 7 switches for fast response time, and click reliability per switch, Astrum’s first gaming mouse is designed to meet the needs of professional and aspiring competitive gamers looking for a precise and consistent gaming mouse. For serious players, MG 300 is built with an ergonomic and lightweight design for either palm grip or claw grip action. This 7D wired mouse is priced in India at Rs 1,049 and featuring LED lights that come with an array of colour options

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It has imposed tighter controls on india

The Gates Foundation&Australia extension cords39;s annual event focusing on global inequality on September 24 and 25 coincides with the UN General Assembly gathering and has drawn big-name politicians and celebrities, from Barack Obama to Ed Sheeran. Modi will be in the US next week to receive the foundation's award.

The prime minister will also attend a rally with President Donald Trump in Houston.Modi's Hindu nationalist-led government presented an order in Parliament on August 5 revoking the autonomy of india's only Muslim-majority state.A dozen people, some wearing "Free Kashmir" T-shirts, with the Justice For All coalition delivered 100,000 petition signatures to the Gates Foundation's Seattle headquarters on Monday, asking the world's largest # private nonprofit not to honor Modi's Swachh Bharat Mission, a sanitation initiative that improved access to toilets. However, the Gates Foundation confirmed actors Jameela Jamil and Riz Ahmed have dropped out of their event.

Bill and Melinda Gates aren't backing down from honouring India Prime Minister Narendra Modi despite concerns about human rights abuses in the disputed Kashmir region.Javed Sikander, a demonstrator in Seattle who said he is a former Microsoft employee, spoke of his admiration for the Microsoft co-founder, calling Bill Gates and his namesake foundation an inspiration.5 million people."We work on the specific issues where we believe we can have the greatest impact for the world's poorest," the Gates Foundation statement said.Jamil, who stars on the US sitcom "The Good Place" hinted at the geopolitical tensions but declined to say specifics in a post on Twitter.

It has imposed tighter controls on india's side of Kashmir, including limiting internet access, mobile and landline phones and cable TV in the disputed region home to 12.."That is all the more reason we're so disappointed that the foundation would honour a person who is clearly committing human rights violations in India," Sikander said.The White House said Trump will use the "Howdy, Modi! Shared Dreams, Bright Futures" event to "emphasize the strong ties between the people of the United States and India" and reaffirm the two countries' strategic partnership.The Gates Foundation in a statement said it respects the petitioners' views, but Modi will receive its annual Goalkeepers Global Goals Award for providing 500 million people in India safer sanitation

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Makes Adventurous People Throw All Caution

This seemed like a normal trek till about five hundred metres later, where as we entered caves we were forced to crouch low crawling on our bellies, then squeeze through tiny passages and jump across wide ravines between rocks plateaus to exit to the outside at the base. Like everything we had lived minutes ago had only been a delusion.Tsingy de Bemaraha is a Unesco World Heritage site, spread over 375,600 acres. We found Gary, an affable American running his tours from his resort-cum-office in Morondova.
Over the next eight hours, we crossed two crocodile-infested rivers — the Tsiribihina and Manambolo (with our SUV on a raft), before reaching Bekopaka, a tiny village, the meeting point with our guide. Fortunately for us, it did take off on schedule. There was nothing we could do but hold power strips our breath and pray that the bridge didn’t give way, because the view from atop was terrifying. After what felt like eternity- taking slow steps, placing each foot solidly in front, steadying our bodies everytime the bridge swung, we landed safely on the opposite side.
We traversed numerous rock crevices and narrow gullies along the way going vertically upwards for about 80 metres. We couldn’t help thinking that a fall meant not only certain crucifixion, but also non-retrieval of the body. It is the pursuit of this rush that makes adventurous people throw all caution to the wind and embark on a trail not meant for the faint hearted. We’d like to add words of caution here:1) Not all adventures have to end on a happy note. After numerous email exchanges, a tailor-made programme was crafted for just the two of us.. The aircraft is an unreliable, small 10-seater plane and the airfare is frightfully expensive. The sudden release of adrenaline is called an ‘adrenaline rush’. Our mouths dried up

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These promises to deliver deep bass and a wide

SOLOX F30 also has multiple audio outs that can output to headphones and speakers, either separately or together.

Its breathable ear cushions, sturdy aluminium build, and optimised clamping force make the whole experience an extremely comfortable one, the company said. When you want to avoid disturbing others, you can also switch to the headphones.1 channel surround sound. The company says that "in pro gaming, it is important to ensure that equipment is up to the task because audio is a great deciding factor.The EMIX H30 has oversized ear cushions within which sit 53mm drivers. This is where the SOLOX F30 scores because this amplifier connects to your PC via USB to enhance audio and create spatially accurate virtual 7.

Proprietary XPG Xear software incorporates audio improvement algorithms and technologies that go beyond a simple equalizer, as per the company. The connectors are also all gold-plated to ensure sound fidelity and use a noise-cancelling mic.1 surround sound for multi-directional audio and allows users to switch between four preset equalizer modes depending on the game type or media. When not in use, you can simply remove the mic. There is no need to set Denmark extension cord - Y011 up or purchase several headphones for different devices.Both the EMIX H30 and SOLOX F30 work in plug and play with all gaming platforms.

These promises to deliver deep bass and a wide sonic range. From PCs to consoles and mobile devices, it is as simple as connect and game. The EMIX H30 features a cable with braided sleeves to protect the wiring.. The advantage of enhanced audio is improved in-game awareness.ADATA Technology has unveiled the EMIX H30 gaming headset with SOLOX F30 amplifier in India. It is also detachable, making EMIX H30 more convenient. The company asserts that gamers can swing into action with game-augmenting audio thanks to the comfortable fidelity of the EMIX H30 and immense power of the SOLOX F30."The headset comes with virtual 7

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Designed For Comfortable Gaming Sessions

HyperX Pulsefire Surge also offers radiant 360-degree RGB light ring with effects that can be personalized using HyperX NGenuityTM software, allowing gamers to personalize colors to match a system or environment..HyperX has launched the HyperX Pulsefire Surgegaming mouse with RGB lighting.The Pulsefire Surge features five customizable native DPI settings that support up to 16,000 DPI, which can be set to a gamer’s individual style or preference.The HyperX Pulsefire Surge new gaming mouse is now available for Rs 5,999. Onboard memory allows users to customize lighting and effects and save up to three profiles for on-the-go gaming.
Designed for comfortable gaming sessions, the Pulsefire Surge uses a flexible, braided cable for smooth movements and durability. The mouse also features a symmetrical design, which is said to be comfortable, with large skates for enhanced gliding and smoother movements across surfaces.LED lighting customization allows users to choose and set RGB colors on the 360-degree light ring, DPI button and HyperX Switzerland power cables logo using HyperX NGenuity software. Left and right button switches are rated up to 50 million clicks using Omron switches for in order to deliver good click feel, response and consistency. and it is backed by a two-year warranty. In addition, advanced customization tools include sensor performance settings, macros and DPI settings. The mouse is claimed to deliver pinpoint accuracy with its Pixart 3389 sensor and a resolution of 16,000 DPI

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The Effect Of Media Messaging

In this digital age, journalistic ethics have become a common talking point.In an effort to position ethics in a more objective light for examination, The University of Texas at Dallas plugs Suppliers Dr. Angela Lee explored journalists' opinions about one another - both their co-workers and their peers.
As it turns out, they act much like the general public by trusting the actions of professionals working with them more than journalists at other outlets.Assistant professor in the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication, Lee said, "The purpose of this study is to understand the connections between organizational ethical climate and third-person dynamic among professional journalists at leading US newspaper, cable, broadcast and online-only news outlets."The effect of media messaging on both individuals and populations has been extensively studied. A part of that body of research focuses on third-person perception (TPP), or the tendency for people to deem others as affected more by negative messaging or framing.
The other side of this coin is a first-person perception (FPP) -- individuals see themselves as more receptive than others to positive messaging, such # as intellectual appeals or public service announcements.The research further suggested that emphasis on an increasingly ethical environment could help journalists resist the 'occasional peer pressure to behave unethically.'The full findings are published in the journal named 'Journalism.'

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Various Parameters For Expansion

It is understood that for starting news broadcast percentage of Indian diaspora in total population of that nation would also be considered, apart from foreign direct investment inflow and outflow, remittance and tourists arrival from that country.New Delhi: Doordarshan’s round-the-clock news broadcast may soon be Power Cables Suppliers expanded to around 100 countries with a view to reach out to the diaspora and put across India’s perspective on domestic and international issues.
The initiative would put India in the league of countries like the UK and China whose public broadcasters reach a number of countries.At present, DD India primarily produces various cultural and general entertainment programmes for broadcast in overseas countries.“The purpose of the proposed initiative is to reach out to the huge Indian diaspora and put across India’s perspective on various domestic and international issues,” sources said.“We are evaluating various parameters for expansion of 24×7 news broadcast,” sources said.The decision to start broadcast of news in a particular country will depend on financial implications like cost of engaging a local cable for carrying the Indian channel as well as stationing correspondents in that particular country, sources added.. It also produces round-the-clock news and current affairs programmes for broadcast in only few countries, including Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China and the UAE, he added
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